Monday, November 29, 2010

My Little Performers

Here is Branon performing in his 1st grade "Silly Songs" program. He's my little poser!! Notice, how all the children around him are singing and doing the actions to the songs?.......Not him. He sees the camera and he stops and flashes me a smile!!

Brey participated in the production of Hansel and Gretel....he was a towns boy. Here he is with his cousin Kamryn. She was the Black Raven. He did a great job in his acting debut!! He wasn't too hip about the makeup, neither was his dad :) We were so proud of him, he did a great job!!

Brey, and some of the other "town boys."

Here's the biggest performer of them all..... I put a tutu on her and she transformed into a "little diva!" She ended up on the stage twice before Hansel and Gretel even started. She kept telling me, "I dancing!!"

Bentlee will be starting dance lessons in January. I am hoping she follows in my footsteps as far as dancing goes!! She will probably be the chubbiest one in her class, but I am really looking forward to seeing her in tights and a leotard!! The chubby ones are always the cutest, right?!

Monday, November 8, 2010

The Story of the Cast.....

Broken arm: Aug. 28th
splint off.....1st pink cast on: Sept. 8th

Sept. 29: pink cast off...

purple cast on!

Oct. 13th: purple cast off...

pink cast BACK on!

Oct. 27th: pink cast off!! FOR GOOD!!
Sadly, I don't have pictures of that! On Halloween, I left my camera sitting on the hood of my car at the pumpkin patch, and then drove off. I didn't realize that I had done that until a few hours later. I did however, find my camera..........about 1/4 of a mile from the pumpkin patch. Smashed as flat as a pancake on the road:( I hope I learned my lesson!!

Isn't it true that things happen in 3's? So, Bentlee broke her arm, Branon hit his head in the car and had to get 2 staples in his head, and last Thursday, Kip cut his hand/thumb with a grinder (requiring 26 stitches). I would post pictures, but I don't have a camera!! That's 3 things for us....I think it's someone else's turn!!

Friday, October 22, 2010

Birthday Boy!!

On Sept. 22nd, our oldest boy turned 12! Brey has grown into such a smart, handsome, talented, funny, young man in such a short amount of time! He is so helpful around the house...especially with Bentlee. He keeps the little boys laughing at all times, and is a wonderful example to them. We are so blessed to have him in our family!

Boo REALLY enjoyed the birthday cake!!

Two of his favorite things....legos & video games!

Nothing like a little money to put a smile on your face!

He was soooooo excited about his new 4-wheeler!

These two pics were taken after Brey's Priesthood Ordination.

Papa Ray, Bishop, Kip, Brey & Papa Blair

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Our August...

I am backtracking just a little, since I have been slacking a bit on my blogging! Our August was crazy busy, so I thought I would blog about our happenings in August. We went to Utah one weekend with my sister Kandi and my niece Kamryn as one last "get away" before school started. We stayed in a hotel and let the kiddos swim, and the next day, attended a birthday party for my nephew Nick at Kangaroo Zoo.

My younger sister Melissa, met us at the hotel with her kids Mayli and Marlow. This is Mayli....she's adorable!!

Branon showing his "brotherly love!"

Brey and Kamryn...water ballet!

Bentlee, Kam, Branon & Brey (Bridger was with my brother)

Kip found this little kitty one morning at work. It was stuck under a newspaper machine outside of Taco Bandido. He had a bad leg, so I took him to the vet and he's doing GREAT! We named him Nacho......isn't that appropriate :)

While in Utah, at the Kangaroo Zoo birthday party, someone fell on Bentlee while jumping in a bounce house, and broke her arm. It was obvious that her arm was broken (it was bent the wrong way) so I scooped her up and we headed to Primary Children's Hospital. (Luckily my sis lives in Utah, and knows how to maneuver through the traffic quickly) After they did x-rays, and got Bentlee doped up, they had to re-set her arm. I couldn't watch...I had to stand in the hall. They splinted her arm, and sent us on our way. She was in a splint for about 10 days, and then she was able to get her LOVELY PINK cast!! She gets it off in about a week, I hope! It hasn't slowed her down a bit, and she tells EVERYONE about it!!

The kids entered some art work in our County Fair. They did GREAT! The older two get annoyed because Branon always places better than they do. He's a natural!! Brey and Bridg got 3rd place ribbons, and Branon got 2nd.

Kip's sister Tamie and her son Andrew came to visit from Washington for a week. We don't get to see them as often as we would like to, so it's always fun when they come for a visit.

Kip and his sis....aren't they cute!!

The boys just love Andrew!!

Friday, September 3, 2010

Back to School....

Here are a few pics of my handsome little guys on their first day of school. Brey is almost 12 and in the 6th grade. He is growing up TOO fast! He didn't want me to take him into his class this year, he asked me to just drop him off in front of the school. At least he didn't ask me to drop him off 2 blocks away :)

Bridger is 8 and in the 3rd grade. He too is growing up fast! As I walked him to his class and gave him a hug, he said "Mom...don't do that! That's embarrassing!!" Oops!

Branon is 6 and started 1st grade this year. He isn't embarrassed of his mama yet. I was happy when he held my hand all the way down the hall to his classroom and let me hug him! :)

So that leaves little miss Bentlee here at home with me! (yes...she has a broken arm....more to come on that....)

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Summer Recap....

So...........My camera got wet the last day that we were at Lake Powell and sadly, it DIED. I have been without a camera for the past 2 months, so that's my excuse for SLACKING on my blog. Brey was nice enough to let me borrow his camera a few times, so here are some pics from our eventful summer. The top two pictures were taken just minutes after Bridger won the Homerun Derby in the Rookie division. He hit the most/farthest pitches for his age group!! He's a little slugger! (thanks for the pictures Kacee) Brey's baseball team took the 3rd place trophies this season. They did a GREAT job and had an excellent coach! The next few pictures were taken at our annual 4th of July Party. We had an awesome turnout this year......96 friends/family member attended, and of course, Kip put on a spectacular firework show!!

These pictures were taken when we went 4-wheeling in Oakley.....
Bentlee has NEVER been so dirty, or so happy!! She loves riding in the Rhino!!

Branon, Boo, Bridger

Friends: Kelly, me, Hillary

*I have a new camera now, so I plan to take lotts and lotts of pictures!!